The abstracts will be published in a digital book that will be sent by email to all the people registered on the start date of the conference. To avoid the environmental impact, the minutes book will not be delivered printed on paper.

A digital book with ISBN will be published by the organizing universities with the complete communications received (see previous editions digital book).   

  • Sending the full text of the communications is voluntary.
  • Deadline for sending the full text: September 30, 2020.
  • The rules for sending documents will be published soon.
  • Once published online, the web address will be distributed for dissemination and free download.
  • To avoid environmental impact this book will not be delivered printed on paper.

Alternatively, authors may wish to submit their work for possible publication in an extraordinary issue of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Journal (RIDAS):

  • Expected date of publication of the number: end of December 2020
  • Date of receipt of articles: September 7, 2020
  • Guidelines for authors: link
  • RIDAS publishes scientific works on service learning in the format of studies, research, reflections, essays and articles. All works must be original or unpublished and do not have to be pending on publication in other journals.
  • The originals can be written in Catalan, Spanish or English. The extension will be approximately 8,000 words in the case of scientific articles and 4,000 words in the case of experiences and testimonies.