ApSU10 - Conference postponed

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic health emergency, the Organizing Committee of the X National Conference / IV International Conference for University Service-Learning has decided to postpone the celebration of this event.

The process of evaluating the papers proposals submitted continues and those accepted will be included in the future Conference programme.

The new conference date will be announced as soon as possible, as circumstances permit.

We sincerely hope that this unforeseen situation will be resolved as quickly as possible, and we look forward to seeing you in Gran Canaria very soon.

Download official statement of the postponement of the Conference.


Upgrade of the provisional program and sustainable transport

The website has updated information about the provisional program and on sustainable transport. Regarding the provisional program, you can obtain information on the dialogue tables set up until today, the assemblies that will take place on the occasion of the congress and social activities that are being organized.

Publication of abstracts and communications

If you are interested in the publications of the ApSU10 Conference, we have opened the space where we inform you about it. You can check it in the menu "Participation / Publications".

February 23 - Extension of the deadline for sending communications

The submission of communications and registrations to the Conference is overcoming our expectations. For this reason, we thank all those who have contributed their effort and collaboration to make this reality possible, and we express our joy in knowing that we will be many who will meet in Gran Canaria from 3 to 5 of June.

These last days we have received many messages asking us if a new extension of the deadline for sending new communications is expected. Since this extension had already been made, the Organizing Committee has reconsidered this request, deciding to extend it a second time until next Sunday, February 23, 2020.

New thematic line for SeL in non-university contexts

According to the inclusive and participatory spirit of ApSU10, the Organizing Committee of the Congress expands the thematic lines adding:

Line 4 - SeL in non-university contexts.

The objective is also to make possible the participation of non-university agents in the presentation of communications, workshops and /or symposia.